Windlog gives the opportunity to check the performance of your windmill or farm, remotely.

Windlog is compatible with Rago Solar, Tozzi Nord, J Imp and many other wind turbines.

WindLog features

Both for owners and supervisors of windmills

Remote management

Windlog gathers PLC data. It remotely supervises and monitors either a single wind turbine or the whole wind farm by the SCADA system. Windlog sends the collected informations by internet connection (with ADSL or satellitary platform) to a remote server, where all the datas are calculated and posted in your restricted area.

Real-time data

Windlog processes more than 1400 data recordings: it is proper to say that it essentially captures real-time data. Our SCADA system is able to record, gather, and file data during the whole windmill life, in order to allow the best management of wind farms.

Constantly-checked production

Windlog gives the opportunity to check how much energy your windmill is producing, the status of the wind turbine, the speed of the wind, the fixed-pitch propeller curve, and much more.

An efficient monitoring system

is what you need to manage

your wind turbine greatly.

Iniziative energia was founded in 2010 with the aim of investing and modernizing the production of renewable energies. We deeply believe that all plants cannot work at their best if they are not monitored in a continuous and appropriate way.

Our innovative WindLog

is one of the few operation systems in the market that can be installed on different machines. Also, it is specially designed to monitor and check new or regenerated generators up to 200 kW.

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