Innovative solutions

for the remote management

and control of wind farms

An efficient monitoring system is a good choice for a good management of both a new wind turbine and an regenerated one. The operating system Windlog minimize any possible loss of production and identify any kind of malfunctioning, notifying the owner/supervisor with messages or emails at the time of the loss or breakdown.

Iniziative Energia was founded in 2010 with the aim of investing and modernizing the production of renewable energies. Windlog began with the collaboration with Rago Solar Technology,a main partner in the renewable field. We deeply believe that wind farms cannot work at their best if they are not monitored in a constant and appropriate way.

For owners

Windlog allows the owner to access to all the performance statistics of his windmill or farm.

For supervisors

Windlog provides valuable diagnostic data in order to monitor the efficiency of the windmill or farm.

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