Are you sure that your windmill is working?

Are you sure that it is generating the maximum amount of energy?

Windlog allows you to check it remotely.

The orginal Windlog is one of the few operation systems in the market that can be installed on different machines. Also, it is specially designed to monitor new or regenerated generators.

As it is, Windlog gathers PLC data. It remotely supervises and monitors either a single wind turbine or the whole wind farm by the SCADA system. Windlog sends the collected informations by internet connection (with ADSL or satellitary platform) to a remote server, where all the datas are calculated and posted in your restricted area.

Windlog for windmills’ owners:

mobility and portability

Windlog provides a basic monitoring of windmills and valuable analysis of the most meaningful functionalities considering the wind in that specific moment. Datas, which are filed each minute by the PLC (more than 1000 times a day), are daily, monthly, or annually examined by the system. The results are posted on single pages. Iniziative Energia will provide you a 8-character alphanumeric password (related to an email address) that logs you into the website.

Windlog for wind farm’s supervisors:

control and diagnostic panel

Supervisors can access both to performance statistics and to diagnostic data. Thanks to Windlog, supervisors can always check at the status of the wind turbine and, if there is something wrong, it is easy to promptly intervene by inserting inputs via remote control. In Windlog, supervisors decide threshold values for main parameters to be checked. In case of malfunctioning or breakdown, Windlog immediately emails or texts the supervisor. The goal is to minimize the amount of loss of energy.

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